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    Welcome, GeekForum.co is a Scandinavian nerd out forum attempting to gather nerds from all over the Scandinavia for a debate about the things that interest us the most; computers and technology.

    The site is made by two persons who can tick off the nerdery stuff and who nerd out on a daily basis with many different things. However, we would like to include more people, which is why we invite you to participate.

    On the site, you have a good opportunity to get help with various IT problems. You can find guides for various IT-related issues! Maybe you want to sell/buy something.

    We do also have room for a little fun and joking, but as said, the forum is driven by our users and therefore you are taking part in setting the agenda.

    We hope for your support for this project and that you will take a positive and active share in the site!

    Thanks in advance


    GeekForum.co, Staff